Letter: treatments

Dear The Kafka Pandemic:

You asked about treatments for your predicament (or "pandemic disease" in your adorable wording).

Don't listen to the rabble-rousers who say that it is full-blown-AIDS-like in its progressed form.

Even if it were, that would just mean that you have something different, which we prevent research on because it is obviously not as important as your quandary.

It is the same thing, so you don't have it.

Although many people have died, we assure you that they are very much alive.

As to your query, a pet may be a viable treatment for your little problem.

We have had excellent results with cats from Schrödinger's in Copenhagen.

They have certainly been useful for us.


Centers for Disease Concealment


  1. And positive thinking! Don't forget positive thinking.

  2. They say it has to be simultaneously positive and negative thinking.


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