Moderation and manpower

Do you think that progress will be made at the current rate?

I do not.

Is moderation (as in moderateness) morally justifiable?

The Whole Thing

I posted this elsewhere a long time ago. I have added something afterward.

This is only going to be interesting to advocates.

Politics and rage

Politics is the manipulation of how things work in society, for the sake of private gain, by the powerful, at the expense of the weak, often using the feelings of the masses as a tool.

Banana peels, science vs. authority, and the next age (Le Roy 3)

Here is the conclusion to "Le Roy and the next age of mankind". Click here for part 1, which is about history and oblivion (it can also be read without reading the rest). Click here for part 2, which is about what drives the persecution. This post is about the next age of mankind.

Persecution, bad reasoning, and clusters (Le Roy 2)

Here is part 2 of "Le Roy and the next age of mankind". Click here for part 1, which is about history and oblivion. Click here for part 3, which is about the next age of mankind.

If this part is not understandable enough, you can skip to part 3. Each part is written in a different style.

History and oblivion (Le Roy and the next age of mankind)

This is a 100% self-contained article, and it also serves as part 1 of a 3-part series. Part 2. Part 3.

Let's get situated in Le Roy

For example, doctors may perceive from the circumstances, such as the patient's age, healthy complexion, and the reaction of his eyes, that his disease does not result from any defect of the blood or the stomach, or any other infirmity; and they therefore judge that it is not due to any natural defect, but to some extrinsic cause. And since that extrinsic cause cannot be any poisonous infection, which would be accompanied by ill humors in the blood and stomach, they have sufficient reason to judge that it is due to witchcraft.

This was written in 1486 in Europe.1

As far as I am concerned, the only things that would seem really out of place in official discussion of Le Roy, New York, USA are "humors" and the last word, and those are merely details that got updated in the half-millennium since.2


Why do we not have a word for the politics that we experience?

Note: For an overview of the levels of misopathy, please consider Why some diseases are wronged.

A questioning frame of mind

As I wrote in Our Truman Show, it is not easy to ask why medical curricula include some diseases but not others. This is a short followup.

It will be more or less obvious, but it fits with future, more detailed posts.

Letter: transmissibility

Dear The Kafka Pandemic:

You asked about transmissibility. This is complicated and we don't think the general public will understand it.

Letter: treatments

Dear The Kafka Pandemic:

You asked about treatments for your predicament (or "pandemic disease" in your adorable wording).