A Machiavellian approach

Here are differences among an issue, a problem, and a crisis.

I will propose a strategy that takes one of these differences into account.

Boys in a circle

When I was in elementary school,1 there was a group of boys who would do a certain thing.

Our Truman Show

The thing I like about The Truman Show is what Truman accomplishes. Here it is for clarity:

All of the people in Truman's world
did everything in their power
to prevent him knowing something
and he found it out
by thinking and exploring.

Telekinesis and Occam's razor

[Editor's note: please welcome our guest.]

Scotland Yard have insisted on screening my mail and they once even pinned me to the ground until I agreed to let them.

Would you say that about AIDS?

It often seems that the Kafka Pandemic is a lesson in social psychology that 100 doctorates stacked on top of one another could never match. When you experience it, your view of human reasoning and behavior is forever changed.