Why some diseases are wronged

In this post we take misopathy apart. (If you don't know what misopathy is, that's explained too.)

We will try to find out why some diseases are wronged.

Misopathy comes in many forms, but I want to tell you about three levels:

  1. personal
  2. institutional
  3. organized

This table is a sort of summary in advance:

level type of misopathy rough description a concrete example
1 personal prejudice, bigotry bullying
2 institutional institutional behavior, groupthink seeming SNAFUs
3 organized coordinated, systematic, planful corruption of science

My point will be that the levels are closely linked.

Let's start with level 1.

Comments on FDA workshop draft agenda (harmful lifestyle/symptom drugs instead of critically needed fundamental pathophysiology drugs)

This is not my written testimony. That is here.

This post contains my predictions, which I posted elsewhere before the meeting, based on their misplaced focus on symptoms.

UPDATE: the FDA's "Meeting Summary", April 26, 2014, makes it clear that all of the concerns in this post have been borne out. The FDA is not serious.

Smedley explains how the subconscious causes large numbers of deaths

An intriguing and fun question

Sick people often ask,

Why are there so many deaths?

This is a good question and we denialists have whiled away many enjoyable hours discussing it over fine wine.

Why are we allowing early-stage sufferers to die?

Emily's disease started out mildly. Emily died at age 30.

Here is Emily telling us her story:

My entire future, and the greatly improved health I so long for, however, currently hinges on luck alone. … This wretched, ugly disease is made all the more so through the scandalous lack of research into its most severe form and the lack of necessary, appropriate support for those suffering from it.
— Emily Collingridge

There is still no research into its most severe form. There is still no support.

However, the key points for this article are these:

Emily's disease started out mildly. Emily died at age 30.