Create a movement

There are many ways to contribute.


You can email me if you want to ask about anything.

Many ways to contribute

Can you write a letter to a legislator?

If you are from a related disease, please join us.

How about sharing a The Kafka Pandemic post you like?

If you are a physician or other medical person, you can learn about recent research.

If you are a biomedical scientist then you can think about how these diseases relate to your field — or take an early-adopter step into this one. We need you. Watch out for bogus cohorts, fallacies, and more.

Are you a celebrity? We can help you learn. Are you a student activist or community organizer? Become our friend and learn.

Know anything about law? You can help with freedom of information, forming a nonprofit, human rights law, pro bono to an edgy protester or journalist, or following legislation for dangers and opportunities.

How about public relations, journalism, or politics? Or helping make a documentary?

If you are a computer person you can set up online efforts, or explain mirroring, diffing, encryption, etc.

If you can do graphic design or editing we have things for you to do.

If you speak another language, perhaps you can translate?

If you care about human rights, please join our cause. The first thing is to learn the facts you have been prevented from knowing.

If you are a potential whistleblower (anonymous or open) we need you. Please be careful, but don't give up.

How about taking on a single important task, such as fundraising, stopping denialist classifications, or establishing an AIDS-buddy-style network? Some tasks are simple and some are the work of a lifetime.

Want to organize demonstrations? Be a grunt? Print email and send it to politicians? Transcribe? Write letters to the editor or to journals? Analyze and report on scientific papers? Do investigative journalism? Record history? Comment online? Set up Google Alerts to make it easy.

There will always be things to do.

The first thing if you are going to do most of these things is to learn. Let us know you're interested.

If you let me know your background, I will try to put you in touch with the right person (by asking the person first) for whatever issue you're interested in. Please specify how you want to be known and what parts of what you tell me are OK to pass along.

If you have something that might be useful for this blog, please contact me.

Here is the best way to contact me.