Human rights, the crimes against humanity law, and misopathy

You might be interested in the modern crimes against humanity (CAH) law, human rights channels, and misopathy. (If you're not interested in the CAH law, skip to End of CAH-specific stuff.)

I don't think you will find this information elsewhere in one place. This is an overview for a general audience, with an emphasis on stopping and preventing large-scale misopathy.

Covid-19 makes scapegoating, neglect, and malign triage even more urgent to think about.

But even without it, there exists a large and growing crisis, right now, of human rights violations against those who are sick. What can be done? Let's find out.


This is not a polished post.

It was with surprise that I encountered the following document many years ago. I was using a search engine for something completely different.

I could find no references on the Web to the document or to the society that produced it. There are now.

I copied a few striking quotes quickly.