Preposterone and protesterone

At high levels, preposterone makes one (1) assert and defend woo of the most irrational kind conceivable while claiming to be staunchly anti-woo, in order to (2) support and defend corrupt authorities while claiming to be staunchly independent.

Those with high levels accept memetic input from their authorities with (3) an absolute-zero level of critical thinking while claiming to be staunch critical thinkers.

Denigration of (4) outgroups and defense of (5) the status quo as if it were eternal natural law typically accompany high levels.

Preposterone increases after puberty and can be found in both sexes. Levels strongly increase with social proof and ideological and financial incentive.

Opposing its effects are people, also of both sexes, who have high circulating levels of protesterone.


[After writing this I discovered that "preposterone" has been coined already for other, less interesting to me, purposes.]

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